Mind the Gap: How a misaligned technology strategy can kill growth and mission success

Alignment between technology and business strategy is critical to success in today’s digital growth-driven economy. With experience from their extensive operational careers, the Principals at Digital Prism Advisors help companies match their technology capabilities to their ambitions. We are pleased to share this expertise in a panel discussion, featuring key insights into how to align digital strategies with today's growth objectives.

We'll explore what it means for business and technology strategy to be aligned, how to assess misalignment, and how to approach the investments required to maximize impact on growth and operating objectives. 

Key takeaways for this 35-minute webinar include:

  • Why leaders need an aligned technology strategy – and how to spot the problems that occur without one
  • How to gauge the gap between your organization's ambitions and your technology capabilities (and what to do about it)
  • Tips for designing best-in-class technology strategy and its implementation 
  • How to find your company's tolerance for the investment in technology required to enable your growth objectives